A woman was wounded shortly before 3 p.m. Monday as men in a passing car opened fire at a MARTA bus stop on Roswell Road in downtown Sandy Springs.

Witnesses said the men in the car appeared to be firing at four young men who were near the bus stop located at the intersection of Roswell Road and Sandy Springs Place on March 8.  The four men ran north on Roswell Road, but at least three of them soon were captured by police, witnesses said. One of the young men was being treated at the scene for an injury to his leg.

The men in the car fled south onto I-285, a witness said.

The woman was taken away by ambulance.

Police and Fire/Rescue emergency responders were on the scene within minutes and blocked a southbound lane of Roswell Road. Officers blocked off the sidewalk around the bus stop and appeared to be gathering shell casings that had fallen into the street.

“We were waiting for the bus together and we were just talking when people started shooting,” said a woman who then was overcome by emotion and had to be comforted by other witnesses.

Another witness, Emma Spear, said she was driving on Roswell Road behind a silver Toyota when “it hit the brakes in front of me and the passenger started firing at the bus stop.” She saw two men in the car, she said, and she saw the car drive south and then turn onto I-285.