To the editor:

The Fulton County Board of Education has been a good steward of the taxpayer’s dollar. Be mindful, however, that according to the Taxpayer Bill of Rights, simply increasing the millage is not considered the only way local governments can raise taxes. If revenues increase due to higher property appraisals, by law the local government must roll back the millage equal to the amount of increased revenue (revenue neutral) or advertise a tax increase.

I am proud to say that since you elected me in 2000, the Fulton County school board’s goal has been to be “revenue neutral,” thereby not increasing taxes or millage simply due to reappraisals. In many years we reached that goal. However, there were increases in the general fund (M&O) millage in 2005, although the M&O millage combined with the bond millage did not increase. The Fulton schools’ millage rate is lower than some other school systems. Other systems like DeKalb and Atlanta, have higher revenues, millage rates and per student costs.

This year, we anticipate the per student revenue to be down by over $1,000.

Gail Dean, District 3, Fulton County Board of Education