By Ben Smith

DeKalb County have greenlighted a plan by Marist School to expand the campus.

The Board of Commissioners approved the plan Tuesday, March 16, over the objections of Kathie Gannon, the super-district commissioner who represents the area, and neighborhood residents who argue that the plan could be bad for the environment.

Opponents object a part of the Marist plan that would allow the school to cut down floodplain trees on the property.

The board vote was 4 to 2, with Gannon and Commissioner Jeff Rader in opposition. Commissioner Elaine Boyer ,who also represents the Marist area, voted for the plan. Commissioner Connie Stokes was absent.

Marist had wanted to remove the trees to build a new lacrosse and soccer field and a parking lot on the north side of Nancy Creek, which flows through the campus.  However, Marist can now only build one field. That’s because of a condition imposed by Boyer to preserve a 100-foot buffer from the creek.