By John Schaffner

There are people who talk about doing things for their community and then there are those who just up and do things. Sometimes, those who commit and do things don’t get all of the praise they probably deserve. They may get a tap on the shoulder, but not a deserved pat on the back.

This column is about people that I feel may not have gotten the recognition they have deserved—even from us as a community newspaper. For our oversight, I apologize.

The first person I want to give a hearty pat on the back to is Kelly Brantley, who runs the Edward Jones financial services office in Brookhaven. That, however, is not my reason for patting her on the back.

Brantley was the major force in founding the Brookhaven Community Connection, an organization that brings together local business people and neighborhood, school and civic organization representatives who want to make the Brookhaven community a better place to live, to do business and to grow.

Brantley claims she read an article in the Brookhaven Reporter saying that that the 2009 Taste of Brookhaven was being cancelled because of lack of sponsorships and lack of volunteers. She said that propelled her to work toward formation of the Brookhaven Community Connection, because she believed this community had too much potential to not be able to support such a community event.

The Brookhaven community is much better and more cohesive today because of her efforts and the efforts of several other BCC board members. Thanks to all.

Kelley Brantley has passed the wand of the presidency of the Brookhaven Community Connection to Peggy Witt of Witt & Associates realtors. But we are sure Brantley will continue to be a force in the organization.

The second woman I want to give a pat on the back to is Debbie Leonard Mayer.

Along with her husband, Ronnie Mayer, Debbie has given back much to her Brookhaven community. And, she has done some of it without husband Ronnie, often without proper recognition. .

An example, her company, The Debbie Leonard Group of Re/MAX Greater Atlanta, recently sponsored for the fourth year the Ashford Park Easter Egg Hunt. That is no small fete. We had a photographer there, but we even failed to give Debbie Mayer the credit she deserves for funding this morning of activities each year.

The Easter Egg Hunt is kicked off with a bagel and coffee social for the community The Easter Egg Hunt that follows draws kids from other small neighborhoods surrounding Ashford Park, including Drew Valley, Brookhaven Heights Brookhaven Fields.

Mayer reported that a record number of children attended this year as the event continues to grow. And, of course, even the Easter Bunny is on hand, courtesy of Mayer and her firm.

Some might say she is promoting her real estate business. So what if she is? She is giving back to the community and the community is having a fun day at Ashford Park at her expense. Good work.

Footnote: The Brookhaven Reporter misidentified Ashford Park in the caption of a photo in our last edition.