To the editor:

I would be happy to guide you to our new park, Clack’s Corner, in Brookhaven Fields! You were on the right path.

You go down the street that Haven is on, Appalachee, for two blocks. Appalachee dead ends into Cartecay and Clack’s Corner is right there on your right at the corner of Cartecay and Appalachee.

I can understand why you may not have recognized it as a park because it is really a “park in progress,” being funded and installed by the friends and neighbors of Brookhaven Fields. There isn’t a sign yet, but we do have our structure with paths, and some trees and shrubs installed along the borders.

The other reason you may have had trouble noticing it is that it is a “pocket park” the size of a normal lot in Brookhaven Fields.

We are delighted with our tiny park! It provides a perfect spot to meet and visit and a place for us to hold our neighborhood events.

At this moment there is a large pile of mulch to be spread to try to keep the invasive weeds at bay while we install our park. Volunteers are watering our new plantings and spreading mulch. We have frequent work parties and we have made a lot of progress from last May, when the lot held the old house that Howard Clack lived in his whole life. The yard was overgrown and the house was removed by DeKalb County when they acquired the property as a park.

Your reporter, Michael Jacobs, has written a few pieces about it and he actually attended the “groundbreaking” ceremony last summer just before the house was removed!

I would be honored if you would be my guest on a visit to Clack’s Corner. It is just beginning, but people already stroll through it! The neighbors can already see the vision of what it will be.

We will have a grand opening after we have completed the park. We are currently raising funding to finish the park installation. We are selling bricks for $100 each and there are several donation levels to be VIP donors to the park.

Let me know when you are in the neighborhood and I will be your guide.

Meredith O’Connor, Brookhaven Fields Civic Association,  Clack’s Corner Committee