By Amy Wenk

Sandy Springs Police Chief Terry Sult gives siblings Joseph Berney and Camille Johnson police pins and keychains. Joseph and Camille sold lemonade to raise money for the police department’s Benevolent Fund.

It’s a summertime classic: Brother and sister raise money with a street-side lemonade stand.

This time, though, the proceeds didn’t go to movie tickets or candy.

This time, the proceeds went to the Sandy Springs Police Department.

On July 1, Joseph Berney, 11, and Camille Johnson, 10, presented Police Chief Terry Sult with a $24.71 check for the department’s Benevolent Fund, which helps needy policemen and their families.

“We had three lemonade stands during the summer,” Camille said. “I made a huge sign out of a board that used to belong to my bed.”

The sign, Joseph said, announced that sales would benefit the police, “which raised a lot more money.”

“Most people gave us large tips,” Camille said with a giggle.

The children’s mother, Kirsten Johnson, said the idea was all their own.

“There was no hesitation that it was going to be for the police, not for themselves,” Johnson said.

Upon receiving the check from Camille and Joseph, Sult said, “it’s pretty important what y’all are doing.”

Sult gave the kids police pins and key chains and thanked them for their contribution.

“We’re excited about it,” Camille said after meeting the police chief. “We feel proud we helped the community.”