If you are a regular reader, you will likely notice something different about this issue. We’ve redesigned the look and layout of the Reporter. Most of the changes are subtle (a new headline style), a few should be noticeable (larger type), but all are intended to make this publication more readable and colorful.

As we start our fifth year, this redesign underscores a belief that every medium, no matter how it delivers information, should always be evolving to remain relevant and useful to its audience. We’ve received great feedback from readers and advertisers alike about the Reporter’s crisp graphics, printing quality and, most importantly, its editorial content. But, we know there is always room for improvement. It is an investment we take seriously. The redesign was a four-month effort, led by Creative Director Chris North and involving all of our staff as well as the ideas of recognized newspaper design consultant Tony De Feria.

As we have grown since 2007— from two editions to four with combined circulation of 65,000 copies — at a time when others in our industry have cut back, we continue to ask, “What can we do better?” Some of the answers show up in print, with expanded coverage and new features (such as our regular Faith and Making A Difference stories); other improvements can be seen online, where stories are posted and updated daily. (Our website attracted nearly 100,000 unique visitors this year.) Either way, one constant has been our focus on the respective communities — Sandy Springs, Dunwoody, Buckhead and Brookhaven —which comprise our coverage area.

We know that our readers are most interested in what’s happening in their local government, schools and organizations. They also like to support local businesses (our advertisers). It is the foundation upon which we have built Reporter Newspapers and that will not change. Our Mission Statement, now included on the Commentary page, summarizes this: To provide our readers with fresh and engaging information about life in their communities.

If you like the look and content of your Reporter or have an idea for improving it, please let me know. We value your input and use it to remain focused. And, as a new year begins, let me say thank you to our readers and advertisers for helping Reporter Newspapers grow and serve your community.

E-mail me at publisher@reporternewspapers.net

Steve Levene

Steve Levene is the founder and former publisher of Reporter Newspapers.