To the editor:

Upon noting that the honorable Ken Wright shall not seek re-election this fall as mayor of Dunwoody and the recent declared candidates are hardly up to snuff for the job, I shall throw my hat into the ring to run for mayor (with or without the support of the local Libertarian Party) and if the good people of Dunwoody are willing to ignore the many skeletons lurking in my closet and elect me, I promise to serve only one day (long enough to collect my salary – “Thank you!”) and to dissolve the charter of the failed experiment of the City of Dunwoody in order that we may once again live free of a homeowners association by government proxy.

Though please advise me, sooner than later, if this contrivance of mine is so absurd as to not even bother seeking grass roots support, because with the summer months approaching, I, as a bald man, will be needing my hat back.

Gary Ray Betz