Anthony Tricoli

Georgia Perimeter College President Anthony Tricoli travels among the school’s five campuses, which are spread from Alpharetta to Decatur to Covington. During a recent visit to the Dunwoody campus, he answered a few quick questions about the college and its future.

Q. How is Georgia Perimeter College’s relationship with the city of Dunwoody?

A. As Dunwoody has continued to grow, so too has GPC Dunwoody. We participate in what’s called “Town and Gown” meetings with city of Dunwoody officials. Issues are raised which are important to the city and the college. We work to bring up a positive resolution for both. … We believe we have a very nice partnership with our colleagues here in the city.”

Q. What is something unique about Georgia Perimeter College’s Dunwoody campus?

A. We provide service to about 5,000 people each year though our dental hygiene program.

Q. How do you envision Georgia Perimeter College evolving in the future?

A. We are a two-year institution morphing into offering baccalaureate degrees. We are going to focus on areas that are non-traditional. … We intend to build baccalaureate degrees that really fill a niche need.