DeKalb County students who attend a school officially designated as needing improvement and who would like to move to another school in the district have until Aug. 4 to submit an application to transfer.

This year, Cross Keys High School, Dunwoody High School, Sequoyah Middle School and Woodward Elementary School are on the needs improvement list, based on federal guidelines, according to the state Department of Education.

Public School Choice registration is in computer labs M102 and M105 at the Administrative and Instructional Complex , 1701 Mountain Industrial Blvd., Stone Mountain. The application deadline is 4 p.m.

Each year, schools are measured by federal standards to determine if they meet “adequate yearly progress,” or AYP, under the law known as No Child Left Behind.

Schools are reviewed based on their participation, academic performance, and an additional indicator such as attendance rate or graduation rate.

If a school does not meet AYP under the same criteria for two or more years in a row, it receives a “needs improvement” status.