Hemy Neuman
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A DeKalb County judge denied several pretrial motions from Hemy Neuman’s attorneys Aug. 9.

The Dunwoody murder suspect was seated next to his attorneys in court while his defense presented several procedural motions, almost all of which were denied by Judge Gregory Adams.

Neuman is accused of fatally shooting Russell “Rusty” Sneiderman on Nov. 18 in the parking lot of Dunwoody Prep, a day care facility where Sneiderman had just dropped off his child. Neuman has pleaded not guilty to murder and other charges.

Motions included a request to change the wording in the indictment, which says Rusty Sneiderman was shot “on or about the 18th day of November 2010.”

“On or about: that’s the language I’m concerned about,” said Defense Attorney Doug Peters. “I respectfully state to the court that it’s not close enough. It’s pretrial and we’re entitled to have it done perfectly.”

Peters also requested that additional case numbers be removed from the indictment, as well as the name of DeKalb County District Attorney Robert James. Both motions were denied.

“Mr. Neuman is entitled to a fair document, a fair level playing field,” Peters said.

“He is entitled to a document that puts him on notice of the charges,” James said.

The defense also withdrew a motion to suppress identification during testimony.

Adams asked the prosecution and the defense to submit a joint questionnaire for jurors by noon Sept. 12.

Peters said he and the other defense attorneys are still looking through evidence in advance of the Oct. 17 trial.

“We are trying to review evidence,” Peters said. “It’s extensive.”

The defense is scheduled to present additional motions Aug. 15.