The Buckhead Coalition continues its outreach to the international community with a Sept. 8 visit by a delegation from the country of India’s business community to Buckhead for a trade mission.

It’s the second meeting in as many weeks; on Aug. 31 the coalition hosted representatives from its sister community in Bermuda, Buckhead’s “Sister Community.”

D.V. Venkatagiri of Chennai, India, is coordinating the visit, according to a coalition press release.

“I hope the forthcoming business delegation to Atlanta will play its small but sure step in furthering Indo-US economic ties,” he said in the release.

Coalition President Sam Massell called the event “another generator of a recovering healthy economy.”

“Our mission is to nurture the quality of life of this community, and this certainly includes financial prosperity,” Massell said in the coalition press release. “This is evident when we run national ads to help rent new office space, when we create our recent ‘Sister Community’ arrangement with the British Island of Bermuda, and when we explore business deals as distant as Asia.”

Dan Whisenhunt wrote for Reporter Newspapers from 2011-2014. He is the founder and editor of