The developer of Ravinia went to the Dunwoody Homeowner’s Association to seek support for a Starbuck’s coffee shop on the property.

The Starbuck’s is proposed on a 4/5-acre lot on the northern portion of the Ravinia property on Ashford Dunwoody Road. It is planned to be a 2,000 square foot building with 27 parking spaces and a drive-through window.

Vikram Mehra, vice president of Hines, the developer of Ravinia, said adding a Starbuck’s would be a boost for the area.

“Ravinia is a great project. We’re very proud of it. But like many projects of the 80’s, it’s very inwardly focused,” Mehra said. “This is an attempt to re-amenitize and reposition this project.”

Mehra said there would not be an entrance on Ashford Dunwoody Road.

“This is really not a destination restaurant. It’s for maybe people who are already on Ashford Dunwoody Road or at Ravinia,” Mehra said.

The design of the building will include a natural color scheme and will incorporate a chimney that is already on the property.

Kathy Zickert, an attorney representing Hines, told residents there is no reason to be concerned about the chimney because it was built as a decorative element when Ravinia was developed.

“The chimney has no historic significance whatsoever,” Zickert said.

Mehra said Starbuck’s is also seeking a LEED certification for this location.

“The intention is to make this as sustainable as possible,” Mehra said.

The Dunwoody Planning Commission will discuss the proposed Starbuck’s at its Sept. 13 meeting.