To the editor:

It was recently reported that the City Council at its retreat discussed a strategy for establishing a larger park system. The stated intent of building small parks designed to meet the needs of the adjacent neighborhoods spread throughout the city is a great plan.

This plan can provide a wonderful opportunity to facilitate neighborhood small parks that would be more effective, less costly and more environmentally sound than attempting to make a few larger parks to fit everyone’s needs with loss of valuable acreage to parking.

A good example of a neighborhood park is Allen Park at the corner of Lake Forest and Allen Road. Although there is some parking, there are very few spaces that are generally empty, even though the park is clearly used and enjoyed. This tells me that those using it walk to this park.

That’s what we want: parks that meet neighbors’ needs with no air pollution or watershed pollution, easy and inexpensive to maintain. Everyone wins!

I hope all Sandy Springs citizens will applaud and encourage our council to move forward with this concept with intense citizen involvement.

Susan Joseph