By Christine Fallucco
Mud Pie Cookin School

Cooking at home with your child over the holiday season is one of the greatest ways to create memories and ultimately traditions for your family. At Mud Pie Cooking School, the November and December holiday season is one of our favorite times to instruct parents and children to cook together. It is our experience that inevitably the parents have as much fun as the children. This November and December, the focus of the Kid’s Cooking Column is on holiday recipes that you can make with your child.

For Thanksgiving, a great way to involve your child is by giving him/her a role with mom/dad in the meal preparation. The involvement will help your child feel responsible and useful. It will set the stage for establishing tradition and making wonderful memories.

For this task, I recommend making our yummy Apple Pie recipe with your little one. A child as young as three years old can help an adult make it.  With you, they will get to measure ingredients, learn about baking, sample tasty nutritional apples, spend memorable time with mom or dad, and, in the end, proudly proclaim, “Look What I Made!” when serving a family member a piece of pie that he/she made for your Thanksgiving dessert.

Apple Pie

Tip: Below are questions you could ask your child while when making your Apple Pie. There are different questions for varied age children.

  • Where do apples grow?
  • In what season, can you pick apples?
  • Are apples a fruit or a vegetable?
  • Are apples good for you?
  • How many types of apples can you name?
  • What else can you make with apples?

You will need: Two pie shells (one box Pillsbury Dough Pie shells), apples, brown sugar, flour, cinnamon, butter, cardamom, apple corer, knife, wooden spoon, two bowls, cookie sheet, pie pan, and wire rack.

Directions: Adult only pre-heat oven to 350 degrees. In a large bowl, mix together ½ C. brown sugar, 1 T. flour, ¾ t. cinnamon, and ½ t. cardamom. Rinse apples, adult only trim skin off of apples, core apples with apple corer and cut apples into slices. Add apple slices to the bowl with spices, coat apples. Combine in a medium bowl 2/3 C. brown sugar, ½ C. flour, ½ t. cinnamon, and 2 T. butter to make topping. Line a pan with 1 pie shell. Pour apple mixture into pie shell. Pour topping mixture over apples in pie pan. Top apples with remaining pie shell, pinch together shell ends, and slice three slits in top of pie crust to allow steam to escape. Adult only to place apple pie in oven and bake for 35 to 40 minutes then place pie on a wire rack for 2 hours to cool before serving.

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