Eva Galambos
Sandy Springs Mayor Eva Galambos

Welcome, Brookhaven, to the community of new cities along the Perimeter area! You are in excellent company and we wish you all the best.

I remember our first few months when we were passing ordinances right and left. Do not worry. You will not get them all right the first time. It took us a while to massage them to fit our particular situation.

We did start our initial council meeting at midnight of our first day as a city to pass zoning ordinances and prevent unwanted zoning from jumping the gun!

One of the most important pieces of advice we received was from one of our new council members who had served as an elected official in the Georgia Senate. He kept reminding us not to think narrowly for constituents just of our own district.

I believe this advice continues to resonate in the decisions a cohesive City Council needs to make in behalf of the total city.

Eva Galambos is the mayor of the city of Sandy Springs.