To the editor:

Just in time for Hanukah and Christmas we are witnessing the possible destruction of yet another holy place.

Jews celebrate Hanukah because of the rededication of our Temple in ancient times in Jerusalem. It seems we should also be responsible for saving and rededicating another house of God, St. James Anglican Church, on Mitchell Road, regardless of which religion it represents. I and many of our neighbors cry out against the destruction of another place of worship because of rezoning which will destroy the small 2.4 acre church site to build townhouses.

Thousands of years ago the Maccabees rededicated the Temple and rekindled the eternal light, the Ner Tamid, which represents the burning light of freedom won by Judah Maccabee and his small, band of brothers sacred sanctuary and property of its first Bishop, his family and The Anglican Apostolic Holy Catholic Church.

Now the small band of congregants of St. James march forward in peace like the Maccabees of old to save their church.

It has become for me and many of my neighbors, hopefully for our community, more a matter of church vs. state shadowed by questionable zoning questions and legal snafus.

I ask you how many wars, laws and people will we ignore in the name of progress, growth and politics before we realize we are responsible for saving the environment and keeping the places of historic value and significance. When will religious and people’s rights, trump greed, destruction and bad decisions?

I pray my Hanukah Menorah this year, my bright candles of joy and faith, will not be accompanied by a Yarzeit candle in memory of my neighbor, the Anglican Apostolic Catholic Church.

I hope I will not witness the falling of the giant trees that canopy this nature reserve. This property should be treasured. This site may not be eligible for national historic preservation, but it should be preserved for its historic and religious significance.

My heritage and common sense teaches me to shout out loud, “Save this tiny church! It must be a beacon of light for all that is holy, sacred and right!”

Charlotte Glyck Marcus