By Sandy M. Tyler

I have to wonder about Bravo moving The Real Housewives of Atlanta to 8 p.m. on Sunday nights. I’m not sure if these ladies are ready for “family hour” television, and it sure makes for one heck of a transition from 60 Minutes, but at least they’re not the Mob Wives.

This week we learn that Nene’s oldest son, 21 year-old Bryson, is a father to adorable little baby Bri’Asia. Nene didn’t find out she was going to be a “GlamMother” until Bryson’s baby mama Ashley was 6 months along, and she had to tell Nene herself. The irony is not lost on Nene that she was also 21 when she had Bryson, and she’s hoping that fatherhood will make him grow-up like motherhood did for her. Fingers crossed on that. At least Bryson is now employed, but he also seemed to be thinking about continuing to spread his seed. Hopefully, GlamMother Nene will be in the picture as a safety net, and a mani/pedi date, for her first girl child should the need arise.

Over at Kandi’s Intown manse, all seems blissful as Kandi helps Riley with her homework and Todd makes the family dinner. Turns out that Riley was not so happy about sharing her mother with Todd in the beginning, which is completely understandable after most of a lifetime having her Mom to herself. Things seem to be going smoothly now, and Kandi is pretty sure this is the picture-perfect life she’s always wanted.

Kenya meets up with her Aunt Lori to discuss the difficulties in her relationship with Walter, spinning a story of an off-camera, soapy shower scene in Anguilla that did not stir Walter’s romantic side. Help me out with the drinking game here, readers. Kenya and her aunt met at a wine bar after all. Do we drink whenever Kenya pretends to be in a relationship with Walter? Whenever she mentions marriage and/or kids and Walter in the same sentence? When she cries about Walter? Is it a drink per incident or should we round it up to a glass per scene? Should we now take bets on whether or not Lori is Kenya’s actual aunt?

Kandi and Porsha get together for some pricey furniture shopping. Porsha doesn’t pay attention to the budget when she shops. She picks what she likes, she buys it, and she ignores the receipt! Kandi is far more fiscally minded and asks Porsha if she and Kordell signed a pre-nup before they married. (Porsha and Kordell did not, BTW.) It seems like an awfully personal question to me, but perhaps it’s just top of mind for a marriage-minded Kandi who has an empire to protect. The conversation then moves on to Kenya and her on-going mean-girl attitude with Porsha. Kandi advises that they’ve got to find a way to get along since they’ll be spending plenty of time together on their show in the near future.

Cynthia and Nene take Bri’Asia shopping for baby things. Bri is so adorably cute; I want one. Maybe I can take Bryson’s next baby, or share the baby with Nene and Cynthia. We find out that Nene insisted that Bryson have a DNA test after Bri’Asia was born, which was probably not a bad idea given Nene’s new celebrity status. Nene also insists she held back from making a major announcement about Bri’Asia’s birth at first. I think having your GlamChild on camera before they’re walking is plenty early enough to let the world know.

Kenya – and her little dog, too – goes to a glamour photo shoot for Crave magazine because so many men want to look at her “hot ass” even though her own man doesn’t (sigh). The shoot includes the ubiquitous visit by a fellow housewife when Kandi stops by to give Kenya a rather large “toy” from the Bedroom Kandi collection. Kandi sure knows how to make a girl feel better. Talk of Walter and marriage follows. E-V-E-R-Y-B-O-D-Y DRINK! Kandi thinks Kenya should reevaluate her relationship. I’ll drink to that, too.

Back at the Leakes household, the family is packing up to move to Los Angeles for Nene’s work on The New Normal, and Gregg gets out the couple’s wedding glasses for a celebratory toast. Nene insists she will always be a Georgia Peach, so she’s keeping her Atlanta digs and plans to be bi-coastal. But in the meantime, she’s lined up a second home in the Hollywood Hills near Tyler Perry and other celebrities of her ilk. And she’s sure to pack items from the Bravo TV shop for all of use to see. Did you know you can buy knock-offs of the jewelry the various housewives wear on Bravo’s website now? Yikes.

Later at Cynthia’s house, the ladies gather for a going away party for Nene, her Hermes Birkin and Gregg. Kandi is happy to see Nene and Gregg back together, so that Nene will have a support system in Los Angeles. Kenya arrives followed by Porsha, and the housewives all seem to be waiting for the impending drama. Phaedra arrives and brings Nene a framed picture of all of the Atlanta Housewives taken in Anguilla. (Maybe so Nene can draw mustaches on some of the ladies later?)

The husbands, minus a missing Kordell and Walter, retire to the quieter environs of the dining room for some (okay, a lot of) tequila shots, while the ladies have a Moscato klatch in the kitchen. Kenya name-drops, including a mention of attending President Obama’s first inauguration, and tells everyone she’s constantly mistaken for Beyoncé. And if so, then Porsha thinks she looks like Solange, and wants to be emancipated from the family. Sometimes Porsha is smarter and funnier than we give her credit for.

Later we see Walter and Kenya meet up to fish and talk about their relationship. Yep, they go fishing, so let me get the bad jokes out of the way first: Was Kenya fishing for a proposal? Is something fishy about their relationship? Are there other fish in the Hooch for Kenya?

Kenya rehashes Anguilla and all of the couple’s recent (one-sided) discussions about marriage with Walter and even brings up the off-camera shower scene. How many glasses of wine/shots are we up to, readers? Did you have to finish the bottle for this one? Did the cut-away to the close-up of the fishing worms in the final scene have something to do with Walter’s manhood? Turns out there may be hope for us all because Kenya implies that it’s time for the two of them to end their relationship. Hooray! Maybe we can all move on to greener pastures, or better stocked fishing spots, and a new plotline next week.

Collin Kelley

Collin Kelley has been the editor of Atlanta Intown for two decades and has been a journalist and freelance writer for 35 years. He’s also an award-winning poet and novelist.