Baby Joseph
Baby Joseph Francisco

ATLANTA (CBS ATLANTA, Reporter Newspapers broadcast partner) –

A mother and father from Alpharetta got an unexpected surprise on Monday while driving along GA 400.

Ivon Garcia and Jose Francisco were expecting their third child on Feb. 18.

But, the family had an unexpected surprise when Garcia started feeling contractions early Monday morning.

The couple decided to rush to the maternity ward at Northside hospital after she started to experience her first contraction.

She knew her baby was coming early, and that they needed to get to the hospital.

The family didn’t even make it to the hospital before the baby arrived. Baby Joseph Francisco was born on the side of Northbound 400 near 285 and Glenwood Ridge.

When police and EMT got to GA 400, Joseph had arrived and they took the family to the hospital.

Garcia told an interpreter that she did not experience long labors with her first two children. In fact, her contractions didn’t start until she was quite along with labor.

Garcia and baby are doing well, according to a public relations spokesperson at Northside Hospital.

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