As DeKalb County considers raising rates or changing the schedule of its garbage collection, the city of Brookhaven is considering branching out on its own.

Councilman Joe Gebbia and City Manager Marie Garrett are exploring options for a private contractor to pick up trash and recycling in Brookhaven.

At the City Council’s Feb. 26 meeting, Gebbia said while most people are very satisfied with the garbage collection provided by DeKalb, he believes the city may be able to provide the service for a lower price.

“The goal is to have service exceed our current level,” Gebbia said.

Currently, DeKalb County’s provides twice weekly garbage pickup and recycling and yard debris pickup once a week for an annual fee of $265.

To keep the current schedule, the annual fee would increase to $305. The county may also keep the cost at $265 but reduce household garbage pickup to once per week, according to Brookhaven’s website.

Gebbia said the city would issue a request for proposals to find a service provider and then try a six-month pilot program, likely beginning June 1.

“It’s an option to explore while we’re waiting on the county to tell us about rates and services they would provide,” Garrett said.

Gebbia said he thinks it could be a very good program.

“We’re very excited. This is what local government can really do,” he said. “We can spend time looking for these options.”