To the editor:

Recent comments by Dunwoody Homeowners Association board member Bob Fiscella only serve to confirm blatant DHA conflicts of interest in sponsoring candidate forums for the 2013 Dunwoody City Council election.

To admit that many Dunwoody Homeowners Association board members have publically supported the current DHA Vice President Heyward Wescott for District 2 and then state the DHA board has not taken a formal position on his candidacy is itself a conflicting juxtaposition that is obvious to almost anyone.

The fact that Fiscella participated in the 2008 DHA candidate forum without difficulty or bias is irrelevant – there were no meaningful conflicts of interest in 2008. He failed to mention what DHA President Stacey Harris publicly stated during the last DHA monthly meeting regarding the process to be used at the candidate forums this year. Harris said that she had been talking about the process with Heyward Wescott, DHA vice president.

The DHA will provide the questions and call on certain individuals they select from the audience for questions – a very unfair format that no credible moderator would agree to.

The DHA should do the right thing and recuse itself from any involvement in the candidate forums for the 2013 Dunwoody City Council election.

Robert Green