Editor’s note: Throughout the week, Reporter Newspapers will be publishing portions of its voters guide for the upcoming Nov. 5 elections. Candidate info can also be found in the Oct. 4 and Oct. 18 editions of Reporter Newspapers.

Tibby DeJulio
Tibby DeJulio

Tibby DeJulio (Incumbent)

Occupation: Financial Advisor

Prior political experience: Currently City Councilman & Mayor Pro Tem

Why are you seeking this position? Having helped found the City I can see all the progress we have made in 8 years, but like any other government there is still plenty that remains to be done. We must continue to improve the quality of our citizens lives.

Why should voters choose you? I bring experienced leadership to our district, not only have I been a leader in Sandy Springs for the past 8 years, but also for the 20 years I fought to form our city and bring local control and local solutions to our citizens.

Clayton E. Cole

Occupation: Sales – Capitol Office Products

Prior political experience: No previous experience in elected positions

Why are you seeking this position?  My interest in serving Sandy Springs has grown since moving into the area 6 years ago.  I spend time attending school board meetings, redistricting meetings, and City Council meetings.  I am impressed with how Sandy Springs has grown as a city, and I am aware we are viewed as a model for other young cities.  There are many new and exciting projects starting in Sandy Springs, the City Center and the Gateway Project just to name two.  Transparency seems to be faltering with the current City Council, with many affected residents learning of issues after the fact. I am prepared to bring transparency back to Sandy Springs while keeping the City moving forward.

 Why should voters choose you?  Speaking directly to the District 5 voters, we need someone on the City Council whom will not only vote for our needs and wishes, but someone whom can champion those desires with the other council members.  We need to bring transparency back to our district, informing the residents of issues, growth, and planning details before we read about it in the papers.

Dan Whisenhunt wrote for Reporter Newspapers from 2011 - 2014. He is the founder and editor of Decaturish.com