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Rusty Paul

Rusty Paul
Rusty Paul

Occupation: Business Owner

Prior political experience: Sandy Springs City Council, 2005-2009; Georgia Senate 2001-2003; Chairman, Georgia State Republican Party 1995-1999; Assistant Secretary, Housing & Urban Development, 1991-1993; Deputy Assistant Secretary, 1990-1991;

Why are you seeking this position?  After 30+ years in business and experience in federal, state and local government, I can bring a life’s time of expertise to helping my community continue the amazing progress the City of Sandy Springs has made over the past eight years.

Why should voters choose you? I have a unique blend of public and private experience to help lead the city over the next four years when several major decisions must be made, including creation of the city center with a new government complex and a private sector partnership to jumpstart overall downtown redevelopment.   This effort is a “50-year” decision and will involve a significant investment by the public and private sector, so it must be done correctly.   We want to create a walkable, pedestrian-friendly environment that lure our residents back to the Roswell Road Corridor and creates a commercial district they want to patronize.  We also need to continue investments in infrastructure and improving mobility for our residents and to do that we must wisely balance density with the preservation of our neighborhood environment and without overburdening an already stressed road/street network.

Campaign webpage:  www.rustypaulformayor.org

Bob Brown's photo from Facebook profile.
Bob Brown’s photo from Facebook profile.

Bob Brown

Occupation: Antiques Dealer and Auction house owner

Prior political experience: None, which sets me apart from my opponent. I have no favors owed or previous commitments to anyone, so I am only committed to doing the best job as Mayor for the people of Sandy Springs. Not just for a select few who contribute to a campaign fund.

Why are you seeking this position? I am running for Mayor so I can continue with Mayor Eva’s commitment to the neighborhoods of Sandy Springs as well as bring the business community together. I want to foster a community spirit between the two communities and celebrate all the holidays publicly, not just the ones I like. I would like to see freedom of expression for holidays with parades, banners, etc.

Why should voters choose you? I have lived in and been an active part of the community for 40yrs. I have some common sense approaches to things like traffic flow and protection of our neighborhoods that I believe will work, and are legal. I already have a job, so the position of mayor is not a career for me, but rather an opportunity to serve the community with new ideas and the best interest of the people. There are enough political professionals already and Sandy Springs doesn’t need one here. I believe in letting city council and staff do their jobs. With me you will get a fair, honest, and efficient government, the government you the people of Sandy Springs deserve. I will run the office like a business and be responsible to the owner of the business…the people of Sandy Springs.

Campaign webpage: bobbrownformayor.com (under construction currently)

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