Brookhaven and Chamblee lawyers argued their case over the Century Center annexation in court Oct. 24.

Following arguments from attorneys representing the two cities and Highwoods Properties, the owner of Century Center, DeKalb Superior Court Judge Tangela Barrie said she would have a ruling by Oct. 28.

The two cities have been at odds over the right to annex Century Center. Brookhaven City Council voted to annex the property Oct. 8. But Century Center is also part of a larger Chamblee annexation referendum that will go before voters Nov. 5.

Bob Wilson, the lawyer representing Chamblee, argued that the General Assembly, which created the legislation for the upcoming Chamblee annexation referendum,  trumps the annexation vote of the Brookhaven City Council.

“The paramount authority of annexation rests with the General Assembly,” Wilson said.

Former Governor Roy Barnes, representing the city of Brookhaven, argued that the local act of the General Assembly only established the referendum. He said there is no language in the act stating that no other municipality could annex the land.

“It does not say this is the sole way this shall be determined,” Barnes said. “The intent of the General Assembly was not to create a placeholder.”