• Sarah Sukin
  • Pace Academy, senior
Sarah Sukin
Sarah Sukin

Sarah Sukin is keeping her options open for the future.

Sarah participates in a broad range of activities. The variety highlights her wide interests.

She leads art classes for students at her school, does volunteer work with homeless women and children, teaches Hebrew school, and juggles participation in clubs ranging from the model United Nations to the National Honor Society.

Though Sarah is a very busy girl, carrying a tiring schedule, her passion for everything she does provides the energy to keep her going, she said.

She started volunteer work at My Sister’s House, a shelter for homeless women and children, during her sophomore year in high school.

“It’s so inspiring to listen to the kids and help them, it makes you keep wanting to go back,” she said, “and I go back to that every Thursday.”

Sarah’s enthusiasm shows not only through her community service activities, but also through her academics. She enjoys both math and art, and is considers a career that would combine the two, such as working with 3-D printing or with product design.

Sarah’s teachers recognize her passion and ability to excel at whatever she puts her mind to.

“With her calm, quiet intellect, coupled with a very mature, consistent work ethic, Sarah is able to tackle any task with apparent ease,” said Jenni Coale, Sarah’s history teacher.

Sarah says she thinks what’s important is to try out a variety of areas.

“The most important thing is that whatever you do you want to do the best that you can,” she said. “But also enjoy what you are doing. I don’t do anything that I don’t feel very inspired about.”

What’s Next:

Sarah plans to pick a college where she can continue her interest in math and art. And she wants to stay active doing service work in her community. “I definitely am going to find a place near wherever I go to college where I can help and continue my service,” she said.

This article was prepared by Maura Binkley, a student at Dunwoody High School.