Sandy Springs city officials say the city is ordering the towing only of cars that blocked roadways when they were abandoned during the storm. Drivers are asked to reclaim their cars once roads are safe to drive.

In a statement issued Jan. 29, the city said other cars would not be towed, but owners will find they may be marked with yellow crime scene tape. The tape was used to mark cars police had checked to see whether any occupants needed help.

Here’s the city statement:

“Motorists forced to abandon their cars in Tuesday’s snowstorm may return to find yellow crime tape attached to the driver’s side mirror. The cars were tagged as part of the City’s storm welfare safety checks.  Patrol officers have been checking abandoned vehicles for occupants who might be in need of medical assistance. The yellow tape is used to indicate that the vehicle was checked. Motorists are asked to reclaim their cars once road conditions provide a safe means for driving.

“The city is towing only those cars that are blocking roadways.  The city’s towing vendor, A Tow, will take those cars to its facility located at 11412 North Fulton Industrial Boulevard in Alpharetta.  To retrieve your vehicle, the car owner will need to have the car’s tag number or vehicle identification number (VIN), proof of ownership, drivers license and payment for retrieval. Proof of ownership can be a copy of your title or a current tag receipt. The office number for A Tow is 770.475.1810.  For motorists in need of a tow, the A Tow dispatch center can be reached at 404-577-8590.

“For motorists involved in a traffic accident, it is recommended that you download the State’s SR 13 Accident Form.  The form is located on the State of Georgia website at  You’ll need to complete the form and submit it to your insurance company.”

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