Gov. Deal at this afternoon's press conference (Courtesy WSB-TV)
Gov. Deal at this afternoon’s press conference (Courtesy WSB-TV)

Gov. Nathan Deal said he accepted full responsibility  for the snowstorm debacle on Tuesday during an afternoon press conference. ”I accept responsibility for the fact that we did not make preparation early enough to avoid these consequence,” Deal said.

Georgia Emergency Management Agency director Charley English was also contrite, admitting that he didn’t raise the level of alert soon enough as the storm moved into the metro on Tuesday. English enraged Atlantans during a televised news conference yesterday when he claimed the gridlock wasn’t bad on interstates at mid-afternoon on Tuesday.

“I’m not going to look for scapegoats,” Deal continued. “I’m the governor, the buck stops with me, I accept the responsibility and I also accept responsibility to make corrective actions. That’s what the public can expect from our office.”

Atlanta Public Schools Superintendent Erroll B. Davis, Jr. also released a statement to the media stating that “as a district, we did not deliver students in the timeframe that we wanted, but we applaud our bus drivers for delivering our children home safely.”

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