Consultants are drawing up preliminary concepts for the city government’s planned new civic center at the intersection of Roswell and Johnson Ferry roads, and Mount Vernon Highway. The development, partially to be built with city government funds and partly by private investors, is scheduled to be completed by late 2017.

Although cost calculations are preliminary, the city’s portion of the complex is projected to cost up to $196 million.

The project includes new buildings, including a city office building attached to a performing arts center, and new parkland. The city’s consultants describe the park as “an open air amenity serving as an outdoor gathering space for both city and community events, and everyday activities.”

City officials plan a public open house Feb. 25 to discuss plans for the City Center and to collect ideas on how the buildings should look. The meeting is scheduled to begin at 6 p.m. at City Hall, 7840 Roswell Road, building 500.

Here is a preliminary concept, as it has been outlined publicly so far:

city center

1. City government offices/meeting center

Current plans call for this six-story building to contain offices for the mayor and members of City Council, the city manager, the city clerk and city departments, meeting rooms and a front desk. The current concept calls for restaurants and shops on the ground floor facing Market Square and below-ground parking.

2. Performing arts center

This portion of the main city building will contain up to a 1,200-seat auditorium with a proscenium stage, a “fly loft,” to hold sets and lights. It also houses a smaller studio theater that can host city council meetings, a catering kitchen and a lobby that opens onto The Plaza on Roswell Road.

3. Triangle Park

This new park replaces a group of commercial buildings in the triangle bounded by Roswell and Johnson Ferry roads, and Mount Vernon Highway. Early ideas include “an iconic water feature.”

4. The Plaza

An area creating an entrance into the City Center from Roswell Road and the new Triangle Park that could provide an area for outdoor dining or special events.

5. Restaurants

Restaurants in these outbuildings would be privately developed.

6. City Green

An open-air gathering space for community events that could take in about 3 acres. The area could feature trees and a lawn. Some possible designs include a “festival street.” The green would open onto Mount Vernon Highway.

7 & 8. Residential

These two buildings will be privately developed to provide residences at the City Center. Building 7 will include a parking deck. The lower level of Building 8, the portion facing Market Square, is designated for shops.

9. Market Square

A plaza surrounded by shops and restaurants, also providing a link to Johnson Ferry Road.

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