City Council on March 23 required all 39 gated communities in Dunwoody to pay for the installation and maintenance of an SOS/Trigger System at each gate to allow emergency and police vehicles access.
Police Chief Billy Grogan made the ordinance request in response to City Councilman Terry Nall’s request to find a solution for problems associated with emergency access to gated communities. Because codes on the keypad entry systems change frequently, keeping track of the correct gate code has been difficult and could create an unnecessary delay for first responders, Grogan said in a memo.
The council voted 6-1 to adopt the requirement, with City Councilman Denny Shortal opposed.
Each device costs $599, and an additional cost of $20 is anticipated for the RFID tags on emergency response vehicles, which the city of Dunwoody will pay. The total cost for the city of Dunwoody should not exceed $35,000.
The gated communities will be responsible for paying an estimated $500 for installation, and they have 12 months to comply.

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