From police reports dated April 5 through April 18

The following information was provided to the Buckhead Reporter by the Zone 2 precinct of the Atlanta

Police Department from its records and is presumed to be accurate.


2600 block of Church Street—On April 10, police responded to a call about a robbery and found an open front door and a ransacked house. Two men entered through the garage and forced a man into his home. While one of the men pointed a semi-automatic pistol at his head, the other grabbed the resident by the throat. The suspects removed the man’s wedding ring from his finger and took a black wallet, a necklace and an iPhone 4 from him. They also grabbed a black work bag with $1,000 in cash. The suspects forced the resident to go room to room while they ransacked them looking for valuables. Once inside the living room, they forced the man to lie on his stomach and they duct taped his legs and arms. The suspects left through the front door, after turning off all the lights. The resident was able to free his legs and he ran to a neighbor’s home for help.

3000 block of Piedmont Road—On April 9, a man covered his face with a shirt and entered the passenger side of a 2006 Nissan Altima, while a woman was at a gas station. When he demanded she get out of her car, she pulled, racked and pointed a Glock handgun at him. A round was ejected inside the car and a struggle ensued. The man bit the driver’s arm, causing her to release her gun and get out of her car. The suspect took the car and handgun, driving south on Piedmont Road. A black car with two men inside followed. Police don’t know if the man received injuries when the gun went off. The officer noted three bite marks on the woman’s arm.

1100 block of East Club Lane—On April 7, a man jumped out of a blue Chevy Silverado and demanded “give me whatever you got” from a man walking his dog down the street. He gave the robber his wallet and the man got back in his car and left. Dispatch advised a Sandy Springs robbery victim’s credit card was being used at a liquor store on Roswell Road, and when a patrol officer arrived the suspect and car were spotted. Atlanta and Sandy Springs police were able to take the suspect into custody after he bailed from the car at 302 Beachland Drive. A handgun was recovered from the woods and the victim’s property was recovered inside the vehicle. It was later determined the vehicle used in the robbery was taken the same day in a carjacking the suspect committed in Brookhaven; he was charged accordingly.

4200 block of East Brookhaven Drive—On April 7, a resident went to the garage, saw someone inside his vehicle and assumed it was a worker. When he opened the vehicle door, a man pulled a silver handgun and pointed it at his face. The resident was able to push the man away, run back to the house and lock the door. The man in the garage then opened the garage door and fled, taking a blue Waterford bike. A nearby witness reported seeing the suspect on the bike coming up a neighboring driveway. When the witness attempted to stop the suspect, he pointed the handgun at him. The witness continued following the suspect until he lost sight of him. It was later determined the suspect was the same suspect from the robbery on East Club Lane; he was charged accordingly.

1100 block of Chattahoochee Avenue—A man armed with a black gun rushed inside a gas station store and ordered another man to the ground, demanding he give up his money. The man surrendered $73. While on the ground, the man heard a second armed suspect ordering employees to the ground and demanding money. The suspects took two cash register drawers with $450 and a petty cash box that contained approximately $1,000.

2300 block of Marietta Boulevard—A store employee attempted to warn other employees when she saw a man walk up the sidewalk and pull the hood over his face. The man pulled a silver handgun from his waistband, stopped the employee from running to the back and demanded the money from the cash register. The employee complied and gave the suspect $98.

First block of Lakeland Drive—A man walking his dog encountered another man and they spoke. Then, the man walked behind the victim, pulled a black handgun, ordered him face down on the ground and demanded his wallet. He complied and handed over a wallet that contained a debit card, union card and a license. As the victim rolled over, the suspect sprayed him in the face with an object that looked like a black pistol.

500 block of Wimbledon Road—A man and woman approached another couple and asked to use a cellphone. The man hit the male victim in the face, pushing him to the ground. The woman who was with him ran toward a gas station screaming for help. When the female suspect began chasing her, she threw her grey wallet on the ground and continued running. The suspect picked up her wallet and the two suspects ran west on Wimbledon Road. The male victim was treated for lacerations on his right arm and a swollen left cheek; he refused transport to the hospital.

Aggravated Assault

1900 block of Ford Street—While a woman was attempting to take a shower, a man entered the bathroom and groped her breast. He later pushed the victim on the bed, grabbing at her as she tried to break free, yelling at him to stop. The man threatened to cut her face, and he used a ball point pen to jab her in the mouth, behind the ear and across the face and lip. Then, he threatened to throw her over the balcony, but could not get the door opened. The resident continued struggling and was able to break free. She fled to the bathroom and called 911. An arrest has been made.

2500 block of Piedmont Road—Someone entered a home improvement store, concealed a compact Jig Saw and attempted to leave the store. When approached by loss prevention, the suspect had a BIC shaving razor in his hand and threatened to cut them. The patrol officer said he smelled of alcohol. An arrest was made.

2500 block of Morosgo Place—A woman came outside of an apartment and started yelling at another woman. She then retreated inside and retrieved two knives. Then she and another woman chased the woman outside the apartment, with each armed with a knife. The victim is unsure why the suspects were attempting to attack her and said they could possibly be related to her boyfriend.

500 block of Main Street—An employee of a club escorted a man out of the club for alleged underage drinking. When he returned, he called the employee the “n-word” and head-butted him in the face. The employee attempted to defend himself by striking the man in the face twice with a closed fist. The employee sustained a broken tooth and refused treatment. The club owner and a witness were interviewed and statements were taken. The suspect was taken into custody a short distance away when he was observed walking on the sidewalk; his face was swollen and had red marks.

Residential Burglary

900 block of Collier Road—Two separate apartment units reported burglaries. Each had its front door deadbolt lock pried open and desk drawers rummaged through. No items were taken from the first apartment, but two shot guns in the second apartment, which were kept under the bed, were placed on top of the bed. A Springfield XD 9MM handgun, a Smith & Wesson AR15 and $5,000 in currency was taken from a cash box.

1000 block of Garden View Drive NE—An apartment’s front door lock was damaged, where a hole might have been drilled in the top of the lock. A .22-caliber revolver, an Apple MacBook Pro laptop, a Sony PS4 with five games, 20 DVD movies, 2 lenses, two Canon cameras, two Panasonic cameras and a black Glock 9MM handgun were taken.

700 block of Sidney Marcus Boulevard—An apartment’s front door lock was damaged by a hole possibly drilled in the top of the lock. A white MacBook laptop was taken.

600 block of Garson Drive—The rear balcony door of an apartment was kicked in and lights were left on. A 55-inch TV, a 65-inch TV, a MacBook laptop, $7,000 in cash, a Beats speaker, ten purses, rings, necklaces and earrings were taken.

700 block of Lindbergh Drive—A patio door kicked in and two Apple iPads, a MacBook Pro laptop, two Apple iPhones, five silver and white wrist watches, a black passport, a black Cannon Powershot camera, a black Panasonic camera and gold ring and a necklace charm were taken. A second apartment reported two black iPads, a gold necklace, a bracelet and a pair of earrings taken.

2300 block of Parkland Drive—A front door lock was damaged and its peephole tampered with. A 46-inch TV, various jewelry, a personalized pen case, a bottle of Jack Daniels, two pillow cases, an Amazon Kindle, Apple iPod, an Asus laptop, six Coach purses and a change jar were taken.

2000 block of Monroe Place—Forced entry to an apartment’s front door and damaged casing was reported. The resident returned home, heard his alarm and discovered the theft. A 46-inch flat screen TV was taken.

700 block of Cumberland Circle—A burglary at a house was reported after finding forced entry to the basement door. Copper was taken from the basement area.

Commercial Burglary

1000 block of Garden View Drive—An apartment supply room was entered and a pressure washer and two leaf blowers were taken.

2500 block of Chantilly Drive—A public storage unit lock was broken and an additional broken lock was recovered inside the unit. An Apple Smart TV, a Dell laptop and several books were taken.


Between April 5 and 11, a total of 23 thefts from automobiles were reported and an additional 28 reports of other larcenies, including shoplifting, were made. Between April 12 and April 18, a total of 27 thefts from automobiles were reported and 31 additional larcenies were reported.

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