Pedestrian and cyclist cross Peachtree in Midtown. (Courtesy Midtown Alliance)
Pedestrian and cyclist cross Peachtree in Midtown. (Courtesy Midtown Alliance)

MARTA is establishing its own police escort service to ensure patrons get home safely, according to a report in the AJC. Transit authority police will provide an officer to wait with a lone customer at bus stops and walk or drive female patrons home. On Thursday, officers handed out safety literature and whistles at MARTA stations. The assistance follows three sexual assaults on MARTA property in four months.

Working with the City of Atlanta and the Georgia Department of Transportation, Midtown Alliance recently installed new traffic signal sequencing to enhance safety for pedestrians at 11 intersections along Peachtree Street between 3rd Street and 17th Street. This project is part of the Midtown Traffic Operations Program (MTOP), a multi-faceted effort to create efficiencies that have reduced peak travel times in major Midtown corridors over the past two years. With the new signal timing, Leading Pedestrian Intervals (LPIs) give pedestrians a head start when entering an intersection by allowing pedestrians to begin crossing the street prior to turning vehicles. This extra window of time allows pedestrians to walk the distance of one travel lane before vehicles receive their green indication. This change increases pedestrian visibility in the crosswalk to turning vehicles, and should eliminate conflicts. For more information, visit this link.

The Alliance Theatre’s artistic director Susan V. Booth is the recipient of Gov. Nathan Deal’s Award for the Arts and Humanities. These awards recognize outstanding individuals and organizations that have made significant contributions to Georgia’s civic and cultural vitality.

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