From police reports dated Sept. 20 through Oct. 3

The following information was provided to the Buckhead Reporter by the Zone 2 precinct of the Atlanta Police Department from its records and is presumed to be accurate.


3300 block of Peachtree Road—Two security guards were in a dispute, and one shot and killed the other.


1700 block of Defoor Avenue—Two men approached a woman while she was sitting on her swing at the front of her residence. She was completing homework on her Apple laptop computer. One of the men was holding a small black handgun pressed to the center of his chest. “Give me the laptop and don’t say nothing,” he said. She gave him the laptop and both men walked away.

700 block of Morosgo Drive—A man wearing a white Georgia Power shirt, white construction hat, tan pants, boots and carrying a tool box knocked on a door stating he was with Georgia Power and there was a gas leak on property. When the resident opened the door three men ran inside. One man had a gun and pointed it at the resident, instructing him to get down. The men then zip-tied the hands and feet of both residents and taped their mouths closed. The residents were locked in a room while the robbers went through the apartment, taking $2,000 in cash, $5,000 in money orders, a Rolex watch and an Apple watch.

3300 block of Wood Valley Road –A man knocked on a door and presented a black semi-automatic pistol when the resident opened the door. The man with the pistol demanded to be taken to “his mother’s jewelry.” The resident was unable to open the safe that contained jewelry so then the gunman demanded to be taken to the master bedroom where he rummaged through items. Several pieces of jewelry, a small safe that contained a semi-automatic Glock 17 pistol and $500 in cash were taken.

1000 block of Huff Road—Two females were sitting in a 2006 Toyota Scion when two men armed with handguns approached, demanded their keys and ordered them out of the vehicle. The men drove away in the women’s vehicle and were located by tracking a phone left inside the vehicle. The suspects fled from officers and crashed near I-75 and Porsche Drive.

3000 block of Peachtree Road—A man entered a bank and presented a demand note stating “This is a Robbery. All hundreds, fifty’s, twenty’s, No Alarms Now.” The teller complied and gave the suspect an unreported amount of cash.

3000 block of Peachtree Road—A man picked up a female friend, “Vanessa,” and the two returned to his condo. Once they arrived at the residence, three men armed with handguns entered, tied him up, and demanded property and money. They took two Apple iPhones, a Toshiba laptop, a watch, two necklaces, $2,000 in currency and a wallet.

3000 block of Argonne Drive—A man walking on the street toward his house was knocked to the ground after someone punched him in the face. When he recovered his cellphone and wallet, he discovered $40 missing.

400 block of Northside Circle—A pedestrian saw a white Chevrolet Impala parked in front his vehicle. A man with a black and silver handgun got out and took the victim’s phones, iPad, laptop, cash and car keys. The gunman dropped the cellphones and ran through the complex.

400 block of Northside Circle—Two men approached from behind a man who was walking toward his apartment. One man pointed a grey and black handgun, ordered him to get on the ground and took his wallet, $400 and keys. Both suspects fled in a gray 2015 Chevrolet.

2200 block of Alexander Circle—Two men, one with a gun, approached a woman as she walked toward her apartment. The gunman pushed her to the ground and in the process dropped his gun. Both suspects left the area after he picked up his gun. The silver slide separated from the gun when it hit the ground and an officer recovered it underneath a vehicle.

2500 block of Chantilly Drive—Three men approached pedestrians, presented handguns and demanded they get on the ground. They took the victims’ wallets and cellphones.

Aggravated Assault

3500 block of Piedmont Road—A man was selling a red scooter in the parking lot of the office building where he works. While talking with a woman, he noticed a man with her had a Glock handgun in his waistband. He then took the scooter inside the building, fearing that he was about to get robbed. When he later returned to his vehicle, he discovered that the driver’s side window had been damaged along with the trunk release latch. He called 911 when the suspects returned. Two women began slapping and hitting him while the man pointed the handgun at him. One of the women then entered the vehicle and took the red scooter. The owner of the scooter ran away and screamed for help.

700 block of Morosgo Drive—A man went to his girlfriend’s apartment to retrieve his belongings from her vehicle. He and his girlfriend were in an earlier dispute in which she began to attack him with her nails. When he attempted to leave and get his belongings from her car, she closed the trunk lid on his back. The woman denied the accusations of her closing the trunk on the man. There were no visible injuries from the dispute and police couldn’t determine who started the fight.

2100 block of Faulkner Road—A woman in a parking lot was attacked suddenly and suffered a large laceration to her right shoulder, left shoulder, scalp/head and a laceration to her back. No weapon was seen, but the suspect must have used a razor or other sharp object due to the extent of the injuries. The woman’s friend took her to Emory Hospital.

Cheshire Bridge Road at Sheridan Road—One car struck another in the parking lot of a gas station. When the driver confronted the man who hit his car, the man pulled out a pistol and placed one round into the chamber. There was a 12-hour delay in reporting the incident.

First block of Terminus Place—A couple was engaged in a verbal dispute that turned physical. During the fight, one party pulled a knife on the other, so he in turn picked up a barstool and struck the man with a knife in the face.

500 block of Main Street—One person became angry when another was taking too long inside a stall. An argument ensued and the victim was hit over the head with a beer bottle. It was later determined the victim used another person’s ID to enter the club.

Residential Burglary

2000 block of Old Georgian Terrace—The owner parked his vehicle in his garage and left the keys inside. His wallet containing credit cards and his driver’s license was inside the vehicle at the time of the theft.

1800 block of Peachtree Park Drive—Someone entered an apartment from an unlocked bedroom window in which a screen had been removed. Two credit cards, one debit card and $80 in cash had been taken from a bedside table.

3400 block of Peachtree Park Drive—A woman left her apartment secured and hid the key outside for her roommate’s father, who was due later that evening. She returned and the man had not arrived, so she went to sleep. When she woke up the next day, she discovered her MacBook Pro laptop computer was missing.

2800 block of Peachtree Park Drive—Two Apple MacBook Pro laptop computers, an Apple iPad, a black camera, and a Canon T-51 camera belonging to the two residents were reported stolen.

3500 block of Piedmont Road—A hotel room was entered and the room safe was found opened with $4,325 missing; a second hotel room was burglarized after a door lock was damaged. A MacBook Pro laptop and two Apple iPads were taken.

3700 block of Peachtree-Dunwoody Road—A red plastic tool box with assorted tools, power washer, Black and Decker jigsaw, Black and Decker electric hedge trimmer, Echo gas blower, flat red tool box, Coleman camping stove, outside flood light fixture and a cloth tool bag were taken from a house.

900 block of East Paces Ferry Road—A gold pocket watch, four watches, 2015-16 Atlanta Falcons season tickets, a Dell laptop, $2,000 in currency and keys to a 2015 Dodge Ram 1500 were taken from an apartment.

2400 block of Parkland Drive—A front door to an apartment was found open and two sets of car keys to a Nissan Leaf, two house keys and a gate opener were taken from a hook.

1100 block of Lavista Road—Two Apple Mac Book laptop computers, a jewelry box, one Canon DSLR camera and one Nikon L840 camera were stolen from an apartment.

3600 block of Cloudland Drive—A laptop, an Asus Chrome laptop, two Apple iPads, an Amazon Kindle, a jewelry box, numerous coins and a chainsaw were taken.

1100 block of Huff Road—Police responded to a prowler call at an apartment complex. An Apple MacBook laptop was taken.

2200 block of Dunseath Avenue—An Apple iPad, Sony camera, a Canon camera and external hard drive were taken from a townhouse.

100 block of Amherst Place—A resident heard loud noise and found the back door kicked open. As he searched his residence, he discovered the suspect hiding in a spare bedroom. He had several cellphones and credit cards on his person.

1900 block of Howell Mill Road—An Apple iPad, four jerseys, a bottle of gin, a debit card and 50 rings were taken.

3000 block of Mornington Drive—A cutting board and 40 cases of knives were taken from a house.

3000 block of East Pine Valley Road—A Viking oven range and Viking refrigerator were taken from a house.

3200 block of Mathieson Drive—A TV, an Apple MacBook laptop, ammo and two watches were taken.

400 block of Lindbergh Drive—An Xbox One game console, games and controllers, a pair of sunglasses, a pair of headphones and $1,500 in cash were taken. Several other items of value were left untouched.

Commercial Burglary

1300 block of Chattahoochee Avenue—The front door glass was broken by a cinderblock to gain entry. Two Apple MacBook Air computers, three G-Raids Pelican case hard drives, a Sony Handycam, three Dell 17-inch monitors, an Apple Mac Tower and an LTO deck were taken.

1300 block of Northside Drive—A public storage unit lock had been damaged and items were taken. The owner could not provide an exact list of what was taken at time of the report.

2700 block of Lenox Road—Lucky Diamonds jewelry store was entered through a wall that leads into the restroom connected to the north service corridor. Dozens of rings and earrings were taken from a display case.

2600 block of Piedmont Road—Several pairs of expensive eye glasses and sunglasses were taken after the front glass was smashed.

3200 block of Downwood Circle—Copper wire, computers, wire, walkie talkies and paint guns were taken from a construction site.

1000 block of West Paces Ferry Road—A DeWalt handsaw was taken.

1300 block of Marietta Boulevard—A $30,000 ColDesi printer was taken. A witness saw a man wearing all black standing next to a white Chevy Express van at the time that the door was broken.

1300 block of Collier Road—Two HP all-in-one photo printers were taken.

1500 block of Howell Mill Road—Approximately $95 in currency was taken from the petty cash stored in a file cabinet.

1500 block of Howell Mill Road—A Panasonic 100 DVX video camera, production lights and accessories were taken from a public storage unit.

Auto Theft

Between Sept. 20 and 26, a total of three vehicles were reported stolen and one attempt to steal a vehicle was reported.

Between Sept. 27 and Oct. 3, a total of eight vehicles were reported stolen.


Between Sept. 20 and 26, a total of 40 thefts from automobiles were reported and an additional 23 reports of other larcenies, including shoplifting, were made.

Between Sept. 27 and Oct. 3, a total of 43 thefts from automobiles were reported and an additional 32 reports of other larcenies, including shoplifting, were made.