From police reports dated Dec. 20-Jan. 2

The following information was provided to the Buckhead Reporter by the Zone 2 Precinct of the Atlanta Police Department and is presumed to be accurate.


1761 Howell Mill Road –Two individuals armed with handguns entered a Taco Bell and ordered everyone inside to “not move.” The first individual pointed a handgun at the manager and demanded she open the cash register. The two were given $369.75 in cash. They also demanded an employee open the safe, but the employee told them she did not know the access code.

1000 block of Moores Mill Road NW– A man at a night club on Cheshire Bridge Road called an Uber driver and was picked up by a driver and another man in the front passenger seat in an unknown make/model vehicle. After driving around a while, the passenger who called for the Uber car asked where they were going. The man in the front passenger seat pulled a gun on the passenger and told him to, “Shut up.” The driver pulled off I-75 near Moores Mill Road, and he and the gunman robbed the passenger of his phone and wallet before forcing him out of the car.

2000 block of DeFoor Avenue NW– A man was walking behind stores when another man asked him for a light. Another man approached from behind, put the man with the lighter in a headlock and struck him on his head with a black revolver. The first man then said, “Give me the money,” and stole up to $34 from the man being held. Three men were spotted running from the scene.

2700 block of Noble Creek Drive NW–A woman was walking through a parking lot to her apartment when she heard someone running behind her and then heard a man demand, “Give me your purse.” The woman did not respond, and the man took out a silver handgun and told her, “Don’t make me use this.” She gave the gunman her purse and keys. The man ran away on foot.

3000 block of Peachtree Road–A man wearing a fedora entered Bella Bags and selected six Louis Vuitton handbags. He swung one of the bags at an employee when she tried to stop him. He exited the store and got into a black sedan with tinted windows.

3500 block of Peachtree Road–A security guard said he saw five men in a silver car and also a black Dodge Charger exit the vehicles and pry open the front door of the Bally business. They then threw a cement block through the second door. When the security guard tried to call police, two of the men told him to drop his radio. The five men then took several jackets, purses, belts and shoes.

2700 block of Lenox Road NE–A man beat another man violently after asking for directions. As the man being beaten fell to the ground, the attacker took his wallet and money. Witnesses said they saw the attacker fleeing on foot through a parking lot.

3400 block of Lenox Road NE–Two women agreed to meet a man in their hotel room. When inside the room, the man said he needed to go to his car and retrieve a cellphone. When he opened the door, another man entered and held the two women at gunpoint. The men then ordered the women to strip off their clothes and lie face down on the bed. The two men then ransacked the room and stole $3,000 from one and $640 from the other woman. The two men fled on foot into a parking deck.

2600 block of Piedmont Road NE–A man met two women while having drinks at a bar. One of the women told him, “Let’s get out of here and have some fun, I want you.” He left with the two women and got into their car. One of the women asked for $10 in gas and then tried to take his debit card when they got to a gas pump. The man refused letting her have it and used it himself to enter his PIN to pay for the gas. Later, the man said he was held at gunpoint in the car and the women stole his wallet and cellphone. He was then forced out of his car. The women took his cash and credit cards from his wallet and threw the wallet and cellphone on the ground next to him. The man took photos of the car with his cellphone as they drove away. Several unauthorized withdrawals were later made from his checking account.

2100 block of Piedmont Road NE–Atlanta police arrested five people after they robbed a hairdresser in her home. The hairdresser was robbed at gunpoint by the group after she allowed a woman into her home to do her hair. The woman later opened the door to allow four more people in. Police found hats, cologne, purse, phones, and a knife belonging to the victims in the suspects’ car.

Aggravated Assault

800 block of Sidney Marcus Boulevard — Police arrested suspects who were hiding in bushes and throwing golf ball-sized rocks at passing motorists.

1100 block of Woodland Avenue–Police arrested a suspect who allegedly cocked a rifle and pointed it at people in a residence.

2200 block of Cheshire Bridge Road–Neighbors were arguing outside an apartment complex when one pulled a gun on the other.

2400 block of Cheshire Bridge Road NE–A man ran into his ex-boyfriend at two different locations, and when he returned home, he noticed his ex followed him in his car into the parking deck of his apartment. When the man was parking his car, the ex got out of his car and threw a rock at the front windshield.

Residential Burglary

2000 block of Spink Street NW–A minor was inside the house when the alarm sounded and he heard footsteps downstairs. The youth later discovered the kitchen window broken and a Samsung Curve 64-inch TV was stolen.

1200 block of Defoor Village–An Xbox, jewelry, clothing, shoes, an Apple iPad, gold and silver rings, a pendant, projector, two zoom camera lenses and teeth whitening kits were taken from an apartment.

600 block of Hillpine Drive–A woman reported someone knocking on the door of her house. When she looked outside she saw a white pickup truck parked in the driveway and heard someone whispering to her cat.

1600 block of Mount Paran Road NW–A basement door was found open and an interior door kicked in. A Dell laptop, Apple iPad 2 and Nikon D3300 camcorder were taken.

1000 block of Huff Road NW–A diamond-encrusted shark tooth necklace was stolen from an apartment. The front door was unlocked and a set of keys and maintenance paperwork were left inside.

300 block of Pharr Drive NE –An Epson projector, two bottles of Dom Perignon, an LG speaker plate, and an HP All-In-One printer were taken. No signs of forced entry.

800 block of Wildwood Road NE–A black-and-silver Giant TCR Composite  bicycle was stolen from a woman’s garage.

1700 block of Pine Ridge Road NE–The victim heard the back door chime and went downstairs to look around. The back door was left unlocked and a purse and set of vehicle keys left within arm’s reach of the back door were taken.

Commercial Burglary

1700 block of Howell Mills Road–A rock was thrown into a window at a doughnut shop and $150 in cash was stolen from the register.

3100 block of Peachtree Road NE–Surveillance footage shows a white Ford F-350 pulling up to a high-end men’s boutique and repeatedly ramming the front door until between six and eight men were able to break into the store. Several pieces of high-end clothing and two cash registers with $700 in cash were taken.

1900 block of Ardmore Road NW–A ladder was propped up against the side of a shed leading to two open windows. Several tools were stolen from the shed.

2400 block of Cheshire Bridge Road–Both office doors of a car repair shop were left open and unlocked, and a 50-inch TV and bracket mount were reported stolen.

1900 block of Howell Mill Road–A door at a restaurant was pried open and two shop vac and a small fold-up scaffold were taken.

1500 block of Howell Mill Road–A forced entry was reported at an import store. File cabinets were opened, and papers and files thrown on the floor. Wires to the alarm, cable and telephone were cut. No items stolen.

1465 Howell Mill Road–Forced entry was reported and a yellow DeWalt saw that was bolted to a saw table was taken.

500 block of Bishop Street NW–Approximately 275 feet of copper was taken from a construction site.


Between Dec. 20 and Dec. 26, a total of 27 thefts from vehicles were reported and 45 other larcenies, including shoplifting, were reported. Between Dec. 27 and Jan. 2, a total of 38 thefts from vehicles were reported and an additional 38 reports of other larcenies, including shoplifting, were made.

Auto Theft

Between Dec. 20 and Dec. 26, a total of eight vehicles were reported stolen. Between Dec. 27 and Jan. 2, nine vehicles were reported stolen and one attempt to steal a vehicle was reported.

Dyana Bagby is a staff writer for Reporter Newspapers and Atlanta Intown.