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Question: The major parties’ national conventions recently ended. How significantly did the conventions change your position about the nominees? Was there anything specifically you watched or learned during the conventions that influenced your position?

According to the latest 1Q cellphone survey to residents of the communities served by Reporter Newspapers and Atlanta INtown, the time, effort and money the Democratic and Republican parties poured into their conventions were wasted on more than half the 250 respondents, who said the televised spectacles had no influence on them. Among those who said they were swayed, comments suggest Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton did a better job polishing her image than GOP nominee Donald Trump.

A 51 percent majority said they were immune to the conventions, with 17 percent not watching at all and 34 percent saying they watched but heard nothing to change their minds.

“It only confirmed my original decision to vote for [Libertarian Party nominee] Gary Johnson. Both Hillary and Trump are awful choices,” said a 30-year-old Atlanta woman.

Another 20 percent said the conventions had only a minor effect on their thinking, while 28 percent saying the events “somewhat” or “very significantly” shifted their positions. The most frequently used word in their comments was “Trump,” often negatively, while Clinton seemed to reassure some independents and former supporters of Democratic rival Bernie Sanders.

Just over half the respondents were affiliated with the major parties, skewing 30 percent Democrat to 21 percent Republican. Of the rest, 28 percent identified as “independent” and 20 percent as “other.”

What some respondents had to say:

“The Democrats have taken over Reagan’s optimism.”
–58-year-old Sandy Springs man

“I wanted Trump to lay out policy, and it just never materialized. Disappointing. I was leaning towards voting for him, but he lost my vote that night for sure. Fear is no way to lead a country.”
–41-year-old Buckhead man

“Trump was humanized and shown to be on-point on every issue. Democrats showed so much hypocrisy, it made me sick.”
–50-year-old Atlanta man

“I always am surprised how much I like listening to Hillary, but that scares me because I think she easily lies to the public. I want Trump to be more polished. I like that he goes against the grain and isn’t politically correct, but what if he ends up being a disaster?!”
–18-year-old Buckhead woman

“Trump is still a maniac, and nothing was done at the RNC to make him seem less so; but the emphasis on Hillary’s past and work ethic now makes a vote for Hillary much more palatable.”
– 31-year-old man from Buckhead

“My stance has not changed. Both parties are a dumpster fire and I am still voting third-party.”
–31-year-old Atlanta man

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John Ruch is an Atlanta-based journalist. Previously, he was Managing Editor of Reporter Newspapers.