The best friend of the Buckhead executive who was shot and killed by her husband was in the car when she was killed by her husband, according to a report by our broadcast partner CBS46.

From their report:

The witness is Dani Jo Carter and is the best friend of the late businesswoman, Diane McIver. Carter was in the car the day McIver was shot and killed by her husband, Tex McIver, a powerful Atlanta attorney.

CBS46 News

CBS46 went to Carter’s workplace without a camera to ask what happened the night of the shooting. Fighting back tears, she said she lost her best friend and didn’t want to talk about it.

Carter was the driver in the couple’s car, returning from a weekend in Putnam County. Diane McIver was in the front seat and Tex McIver was sitting directly behind her in the back seat. Police did not include Carter’s name in a brief incident report previously released, however, we spoke to Carter and she said it’s a difficult time.

The night of the shooting, as Carter was driving the couple home, Tex McIver asked for his gun after waking up and realizing they took a detour on I-85 off the Edgewood Road exit. After falling back to sleep with the gun in his hand, Tex McIver says he woke up on Piedmont Avenue to the sound of a gun shot with no recollection of how he pulled the trigger.

In an emotional phone call, Tex McIver described what happened moments after.

“Once we determined that Diane had been hurt, there was this race to the hospital,” Tex McIver said.

It was Carter who rushed to Emory Hospital after realizing her friend of 40 years was shot.

Diane McIver later died in surgery.

Her lawyer says Carter is devastated. In a statement he said, “Dani Jo has spoken at length with the Atlanta Police Department and has given a statement. She is continuing to cooperate in every way she can…”

Dyana Bagby is a staff writer for Reporter Newspapers and Atlanta Intown.