Just a few miles away from the reconstruction of I-85, another bridge is being built out of Legos.

Legoland Discovery Center in Buckhead and the Georgia Department of Transportation are teaming to “help inspire the minds of young engineers-to-be and shed a positive, creative light on the high-profile reconstruction of Interstate 85,” according to a press release.

While the reconstruction of I-85 continues, Legoland guests can contribute to building a Lego model of the bridge, which will eventually stand three feet tall, extend four feet long and feature 2,000 Lego bricks.

Starting April 28, kids can create Lego bridge models and test their designs with Lego cars in daily 30-minute workshops. The workshops are free with the price of admission.

“Children are naturally inquisitive and have become fascinated with the bridge reconstruction, so we’re taking this opportunity to educate visiting families about building processes and fundamentals in a fun way,” Whitney Kemmerick, a Legoland marketing manager said in a statement.

The program will end with the unveiling of the bridge model, which will coincide with the completion of the real I-85 bridge. I-85 near Piedmont Road in Buckhead has been closed since a March 30 fire spread to materials stored underneath the bridge by GDOT, eventually causing a section of the bridge to collapse.

“The entire community is very interested in and focused on the I-85 bridge reconstruction,” GDOT director of strategic communications Scott Higley said in a statement, adding that he hopes the Legoland program will educate visitors about bridge building in an enjoyable way.

The center is located in Phipps Plaza at 3500 Peachtree Rd G-1, Atlanta, GA 30326. Tickets are available on their website.