ATL Collective members, from left, Prisca, Cleveland P. Jones and Chelsea Shag perform tunes from Stevie Wonder’s “Songs In the Key of Life.” (Photo by Aaron Schorch)

If you never got the chance to hear Jimi Hendrix, The Beatles, Michael Jackson or James Brown play live, ATL Collective is recreating their classic albums around Intown to much acclaim.

Founded back in 2009 by a couple of musicians, the Collective is an organization that hosts shows featuring live, local music at shows that cover classic albums from start to finish.

The concept took form when the owner of the now closed Danneman’s on Edgewood approached local musician David Berkeley and asked for help booking live music on the roof of the building. Berkeley then reached out to his friend Micah Dalton, and together the two established ATL Collective. Rather than hosting an open mic in the space, they instead sought ways to bring local musicians together for concerts that would also draw a crowd.

In comparison with performances by cover bands, this concept has the ability to apply to a wide variety of sounds. Because the organization curates the musicians that they bring together for these concerts, they are not limited to working within one genre or vocal range, for example.

Throughout the years, the shows have grown in size and popularity, leading to finding new locations that can handle even bigger crowds. In 2012 the Collective covered Michael Jackson’s Thriller album to a sold out crowd of 200 at the Music Room, and by 2014 they were selling out 600-plus seat shows at Terminal West for James Brown’s Funky Christmas. All told, they have been pulling from a pool of more than 200 singers and another 200 members of our house band and have covered more than 75 classic albums since the company’s inception.

ATL Collective’s Content and Media Director David Feldman.

The organization has also sought to form partnerships with some local businesses, which has provided even more opportunities to spotlight local artists. Most notably, they are sponsored and supported by Mailchimp, Old Fourth Distillery, Criminal Records, and Terminus Tees, as well as the myriad of venues where they play. They recently hosted a show for Delta featuring 25 local artists, for example, and they enjoyed playing as part of the Atlanta Jewish Music Fest in March, covering Beastie Boys’ Licensed to Ill. “It was larger than life,” recalls David Feldman, Content and Media Director.

Feldman felt an instant connection with ATL Collective when he joined, and cites a particularly moving concert based on the Beatles’ Abbey Road as his inspiration to get on board. “I thought it was just the coolest thing,” he continued, “we are really onto something.” Since then, he’s played a major role in the overall looks of ATL Collective. His ad agency, 3 Owl Media, handles the logo, website and visual branding.

Today, the team consists of the original cofounders David Berekely and Micah Dalton; David Feldman and Rhiannon Clark, who handle operations and booking; Robbie Handler, who acts as music director; technical director Joel Siebell; and graphic designer Thomas Lockwood. The diversely talented team is united around the common goals of producing top grade music and uniting the local music community. “It’s everyone’s favorite second job,” Feldman said with a laugh.

ATL Collective already has some killer shows on the books for this year, including a recreating Hotel California by The Eagles at City Winery on May 19.

To find out more about ATL Collective and keep up with their upcoming concerts as they are announced, go online to or follow them on social media at

Isadora Pennington

Isadora Pennington is a freelance writer and photographer based in Atlanta. She is the editor of Sketchbook by Rough Draft, a weekly Arts newsletter.