Two Sandy Springs high schools — Riverwood International Charter School and North Springs Charter High School — announced grants from the Sandy Springs Society to expand educational offerings.

Riverwood students in their new orchestra rehearsal space. (Special)

A $9,300 grant from the society sent North Springs teachers, principal Scott Hanson and Assistant Principal Mulanta Wilkins to the Advancement Via Individual Determination Institute’s summer training in Tampa, Fla., to prepare for the start of the school year and North Springs’ new Freshmen Academy.

“Our Freshmen Academy is designed to be a smaller learning community with specially selected teachers, trained to provide a strong foundation of support for our ninth grade students to be successful their freshman year and throughout high school – and that’s what AVID’s proven practices are all about,” Hanson said in a press release.

From left, North Springs Freshmen Academy teachers Benjamin Lin, Mary Hobby, and Quinton Hunt with Freshman Academy Assistant Principal Dr. Mulanta Wilkins. (Special)

The Riverwood Instrumental Music Program will use a $5,000 grant from the society to buy new music folders and music stands. Due to growth in the music program, the band and orchestra are no longer able to share a rehearsal room so the new stands will extend the rehearsal space for both groups, the school said. The new music folders will raise the professionalism of each production and will allow each student to store their music properly, the school said.

“I’m excited to give the students these new materials now as we wait for our brand new performing arts wing to be built onto the school,” Riverwood Orchestra Director Jessica Luhrs said in a press release. “It’s an exciting time for our orchestras, and I look forward to seeing this grow into a program of musical prestige and honor.”