Dale Boone


Occupation: CEO of World League Of Competitive Eating, Film Director.

Dale Boone.

Previous experience holding elected office: None.

Other community service experience: Mayor candidate, 2015; Brookhaven Baptist Church Basketball League Coach

What is motivating you to run for City Council?

The lack of leadership, accessibility and neglect from our elected official in District 4. The crime rate in District 4 has to be brought under control. Traffic congestion needs a solution ASAP. District 4 needs new leadership.

What is the biggest issue facing the district and how will you address it?

There are two major problems: crime prevention and traffic congestion. Crime rates are high in District 4 due to the city being short staffed. City employees have informed me that the police force is down 11 officers from a full staff. City officials made a statement at the Oct. 10 City Council meeting that the force was only down one officer. But there is a job listing for more than one officer on the city websites. Hiring new officers needs to be addressed at once. Traffic congestion must be addressed, as it is affecting daily life of citizens of Brookhaven.

What role should the city play in supporting the Peachtree Creek Greenway park and trail?

It is always good to have green space for a healthy living in a city. And the city of Brookhaven should always have family- and pet-friendly parks.

What specific policy or program would you propose to preserve Buford Highway’s cultural and economic diversity as the corridor redevelops?

Many of the buildings along Brookhaven’s Buford Highway have aged beyond repair. Not only do we need to preserve our cultural and economic diversity. But add many more different cultures. I would pledge to corridor redevelopment with affordable housing and support local business owners.

As Emory Healthcare and Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta build major new complexes in the district, how will you ensure these large nonprofits pay their share for roads and city services?

At the time of annexation into the city Of Brookhaven, an agreement was set in place for Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta to pay for taxes and extra police patrols and cars.

What city service or program needs improvement? How would you improve it?

Our police department is missing 11 police officers. This needs to be filled at once. Crime rates are climbing and staff is being overworked. Being understaffed has led to higher crime rates.