Steve Rose, who is now running the Citizens on Patrol and volunteer units, provided the following information from Sandy Springs Police Department records. The following incidents and arrests represent some, but not all, of the reports filed June 23-25.


100 block of Cedar Run — On June 23, residents returned home and found the door unlocked but not forced. Inside the apartment, the residents discovered that an Apple computer, Michael Kors coat, Canon camera, and other items were stolen.

4900 block of Rebel Trail — On June 24, a resident said between June 22 and 24, someone entered his home and stole several items.

1100 block of Hammond Drive — On June 24, the resident said between 7 and 11:30 p.m., someone entered his apartment and took several items, including a 55-inch TV with sound bar, PlayStation4 and games, MacBook Pro, and several foreign-currency bills. The living room window screen had been cut and window moved up.


5900 block of Roswell Road — On April 18, a man reported that one of his employees robbed him at the time he was writing the employee a check for work done. He told officers that he deducted $100 from a $467 check due to expenses he inherited trying to wire the money to the employee. He called the employee and arranged to meet. During that time, the employee became angry over the $100 deduction and reached for something in his waistband. A weapon was not seen but rather implied. As the employer was writing the check, the employee snatched the checkbook and ran.

Well now, that wasn’t too bright. One phone call later, the check you snatched is no good and the others you stole are no better.


5700 block of Kayron Drive — On June 23, a chainsaw and edger was stolen from the resident’s carport sometime between June 21 and 23.

6800 block of Roswell Road — On June 23, the resident reported that she hired a carpet-flooring company to replace her carpet in her home. She said she hid a jewelry box in a room that was occupied by four to five workers. She requested to be in the room; however, she said they asked her not to be. She suspects them of the theft of jewelry.

5600 block of Northside Drive — On June 24, Shell Store employee said a male came into the store, requesting the location of the restroom. He later walked out and snatched two rows of lottery tickets, then fled. He was described as stocky with dreadlocks. He wore a red jacket and black jeans. He got into a black Dodge Journey with tinted windows, driven by another person.

Concourse Parkway — On June 25, an employee of KinderCare Learning Center said an iPhone 7 was stolen from the cubby area.

Thefts from Vehicles

On June 23 and 24, five thefts from vehicles were reported.


5400 block of Roswell Road — On June 23, a Visa credit card was stolen used at as gas station, grocery store and fast-food restaurant.


Glenridge Drive/Roswell Road — On June 23, the 40-year-old victim said he exited a MARTA bus around 10:55 p.m. and walked across the Scientology parking lot, north to Glenridge Drive where he lived. He was carrying a small dog in a dog carrier and speaking with his sister on his cellphone as he walked. He told officers that a white or silver SUV pulled up (west on Glenridge) and a man, who was a passenger in the car, yelled obscenities at him, then shot at him. The victim said he felt pain in his abdomen and noticed one of the bullets passed through the dog carrier. (There was no indication the dog was hit.) The victim’s sister called a Lyft car for him, which took him to his apartment. He was taken by whatever transportation means, to the hospital. His sister said while speaking to her brother on the phone, she heard 2-3 shots. He was treated for non-life-threatening injuries. The victim said he believes he’s seen the car before, within his apartment complex.

Well, I didn’t think I’d have to point this out but when you get shot, the ambulance will gladly come and take you to the hospital and treat your injuries while on the way. No sense freaking out the Lyft driver.

8400 block of Jett Ferry Drive — On June 23, a 48-year-old victim told police he and his friend left the home for an hour in order to shop nearby. On return, they spotted a Toyota Corolla parked in his driveway. As they approached, they saw a young male standing next to the car. The male suddenly ran from the car into the home by way of a side door. Seconds later, the man and two to three other males, wearing hoods, ran from the home and appeared to be pointing guns at the two men as they ran. The victim ducked behind his car while the second victim ran towards nearby bushes while the suspects fled in the Corolla. Inside the home, the victim found a couple of marijuana cigarettes, smoked, on the floor. He said the stolen and/or damaged goods totaled just under $8,000.

7600 block of Roswell Road — On June 24, a 28-year-old woman called police and told officers that around 3 a.m., she and another woman went to an apartment where the offender lives. She said the offender saw her with another male and became angry, yelling at her to leave. Initially she refused, but did walk to the apartment balcony area. She said the offender threw a cup of water at her, so she did the same thing, which caused the offender to assault her by hitting her in the face. Another male pulled the man off. He took her iPhone and threw it to the ground before leaving the apartment. The woman was checked by EMS and released with abrasions to her legs and arms. The officers applied for a warrant for the offender.

5700 block of Roswell Road — On June 24, cops responded to the Chevron on a suspect who stole a can of beer. The man fled, so the officers looked around for him, finding him at 125 Northwood Drive, between two cars, drinking the stolen property, after a security guard pointed him out. The man was cuffed and became angry at the security guard, calling him a “snitch.” This was followed by a spitting incident towards the guard. The guard became instantly and clearly upset and took a defensive position, also known as the pre-whoopin’ position, but the cops defused it by putting the cuffed prisoner in the back of the patrol car and offering up some hand sanitizer for the guard.

700 block of Willow Creek Drive — On June 24, a 21-year-old male victim met officers across the street from where the 51-year-old suspect stood. He told the cops he and the offender were arguing since noon. (It was now after 5 p.m.) The argument centered on the location of the offender’s car and his motorcycle keys. He said the offender was drinking heavily and when he tried to leave, she grabbed him by the collar and punched him right smack in the face, apparent by the swelling and redness of his right eye. The offender said it was he who took her keys and threw them in the bushes to conceal them. She said the motorcycle was at his mother’s home, differing from his version, which was that the bike was stolen. (He immediately recanted the stolen-motorcycle story.) The offender then accused the victim of stealing the motorcycle—but also recanted the story. The report said while the officer was on scene, the offender did at least one shot of vodka. She was later arrested for battery.

Other incidents

6000 block of Roswell Road — On June 25, an employee of Dunkin’ Donuts said around 5:20 p.m., an older male, in a black SUV, came through the drive-through window and placed an order. When she returned with the order, she noticed the man was naked. He paid for the order and drove off. The tag is registered to a man in Tucker.