At least one of the strip clubs in Sandy Springs that were forced to close after losing legal battles with the city is not planning to relocate, its lawyer said.

The now-shuttered Doll House and Coronet Club in an image from the club’s Facebook page.

The city’s three strip clubs closed in early September following a court hearing on the city’s attempt to get an injunction against their operations.
Alan Begner, who represents the Coronet Club/Doll House, a strip club that was located on Roswell Road, said the business is not planning to relocate.

Begner is not aware of what the building owners plan to do next with the property.

Begner spoke against the city’s decisions to pass laws that forced the strip clubs to close, saying “they never caused harm to anybody.”

“This is a business that has been operating for over 25 years,” he said. “It employed hundreds people. It gave them a way to make a living.”

Cary Wiggins, the attorney for the other two strip clubs in the city, Mardi Gras and Flasher’s, would not comment on possible new locations or action. Wiggins said he could not provide any information on legal strategy.