On Nov. 6, 2018, I will be casting a ‘yes’ vote on the Brookhaven parks bond referendum.

The bond is an important next step to invest in and improve Brookhaven parks. Improved parks was a promise made to us more than five years ago as an underpinning of the vision for Brookhaven to be the premier small town in the metro area.

I trust our city officials –  elected, appointed and employed –  to continue to act as they have on other promises. Our city has fulfilled its promise of a top-notch police department; it is fulfilling its promise to pave roads and build sidewalks; it is enforcing our building codes to improve living conditions along Buford Highway; and managing our money in a fiscally responsible manner.

Voting ‘yes’ on the parks bond is once again placing my trust in these same city officials, who have committed their time and energy to make Brookhaven a great place to live and work.

Stan Segal


Editor’s Note: The writer serves as the chairman of the Brookhaven Planning Commission.