An expert on economic inequality, Richard Reeves, spoke at an Oct. 12 Leadership Sandy Springs luncheon, which was sponsored by the Couchman-Noble Foundation, the philanthropic group of David Couchman and Melanie Noble-Couchman, the two co-chairs of the city’s North End Revitalization Task Force.

Richard Reeves.

Reeves specifically analyzed the outcome of children who grew up in the north end versus the rest of Sandy Springs using a new web tool called the “Opportunity Atlas.”

Children who grew up in a census tract in the upper north end along Roswell Road now make a median salary of $31,000, while those from other areas in the city make a range of $54,000 to $67,000, according to the map.

Reeves said that the increasing housing prices and displacement can be blamed in part on city zoning rules causing a shortage.

“We rig the housing market,” he said.