A bridge that will connect a Dunwoody multiuse path from the Georgetown community to a multiuse path at the back of the new Townsend at Perimeter townhomes in Perimeter Center is slated to be installed in early February. The bridge will cross a small section of the North Fork Nancy Creek near the Georgetown Recreation Club on Old Spring House Lane.

A crew worked on paving the Georgetown trail to the site where a bridge will be installed this month that will cross the North Fork Nancy Creek in Georgetown to a multiuse path connected to the townhome development seen in the background. The new multiuse trail connects the Georgetown community to Perimeter Center. (Dyana Bagby)

Some residents in the area have complained about trees that were cut down for the multiuse path. City spokesperson Jennifer Boettcher said fewer than 20 trees were cut down and residents in the area were notified last year of the project. Once the bridge is put in place, Trees Atlanta will work with the city to come up with a tree planting plan for the area which could include more than the one-for-one tree removal and replacement plan the city now requires, she added.

“The city altered the center line of the trail to minimize the impact on trees, so keeping trees is always a priority,” she said. A great deal of undergrowth and invasive species plants were also removed, which may give the appearance more trees were cut down, she added.

A section of the Georgetown multiuse trail with the Georgetown Recreation Club in the background. The new trail will connect Georgetown to Perimeter Center. (Dyana Bagby)

The multiuse path in Georgetown will eventually connect to the planned Grubb mixed-use development on Perimeter Center East, where City Hall was formerly located. The multiuse path is part of the Dunwoody Trail system and a plan dating back to 2015 to connect Georgetown to Perimeter Center.

There are plans to extend the Georgetown trail behind the Georgetown Recreation Club, adjacent to I-285, to connect to Perimeter Center. But plans for this section of trail is on hold until as the state determines where it will build new toll lanes along I-285.

Dyana Bagby is a staff writer for Reporter Newspapers and Atlanta Intown.