From left to right, students Katherine Hernandez, Stephanie Bullock, Celia Soriano-Cadenas and Destiny Adams received the Donna Mahaffey Scholarships at Mercedes-Benz USA’s headquarters in Sandy Springs April 30. Mercedes-Benz USA President and CEO Dietmar Exler is in the center.

Four students at North Springs and Riverwood International charter high schools have received $2,500 scholarships from the Sandy Springs Perimeter Chamber of Commerce’s Donna Mahaffey Scholarship Fund.

The scholarships were awarded April 30 to two seniors at Riverwood International Charter School, Celia Soriano-Cadenas and Katherine Hernandez, and two at North Springs Charter High School, Stephanie Bullock and Destiny Adams.

The Donna Mahaffey Scholarship Fund was established in 2015 by the Sandy Springs Perimeter Chamber board to provide financial support to local female high school graduates attending college. The funding has grown from previous years when the Chamber provided $1,000 scholarships.

“These scholarships instill children with the concept that regardless of their financial situation, they too can receive a higher education,” the press release said. “Until all high school graduates have the opportunity to attend college, the Sandy Springs Perimeter Chamber will continue to empower and inspire female graduates to attend college through The Donna Mahaffey Scholarship Fund.”

The scholarships were presented by Mercedes-Benz USA at its headquarters in Sandy Springs.