Book storage is often an issue in the home, especially if you live in a small space. Our friends at Candler Park-based Balance Design ( have some unique and stylish solutions for housing your precious collection. If your reading materials are getting out of control, the Balance Design team suggests making the storage solution part of the presentation.

Space Saving

We wouldn’t ordinarily tell you to keep your books on a staircase, but there’s no danger of tripping over them in this design that uses the protruding edges as shelves. This staircase/bookshelf is clean, modern, space saving, and honestly pretty genius.


Then again, maybe you like a little non-linear fun! This mandala bookcase is part storage solution, part full wall art, and all awesome. You can try your DIY skills and build some to fit your space.

The Library Chair

It’s a lounge chair, it’s a bookcase, it’s the perfect all-inclusive reading
nook! Don’t let the small footprint fool you—this guy packs 27 square feet of storage space (plus a hidden compartment). It’s available on Etsy from Alexander Love Designs for $2,950.