With 2020 upon us, here’s a look back at some of the Dunwoody Reporter’s top stories for the month of February in recent history.

5 Years Ago: 2015

“Zip line and obstacle course to open in Brook Run Park soon”

The company Treetop Quest started building a zip line and obstacle course at Brook Run Park, with workers hanging on trees despite unpleasant winter weather. “Dunwoody is always looking for opportunities for people to get physically active and enjoy the parks,” said Bob Mullen, a city spokesperson at the time. The city soon will open a large renovation of other areas of the park.

“Dunwoody Homeowners Association closes its office”

The Dunwoody Homeowners Association, an influential community organization, shuttered a little-used physical office in Dunwoody Village for an estimated savings of $15,000 a year. “We operate virtually today because the office hasn’t had anybody in it for ages,” said then president Robert Wittenstein. “We’re available and as much a part of the community as ever.”

John Ruch is an Atlanta-based journalist. Previously, he was Managing Editor of Reporter Newspapers.