Sandy Springs Mayor Rusty Paul has elaborated in a Facebook post about the precautions against the coronavirus the city is taking at its City Springs civic center.

The city had previously referred to changes in cleaning at the facility, which combines City Hall with theaters and event spaces.

“We are changing our cleaning protocols, including frequency, inclusion of all surfaces, door handles, and touchable spaces,” Paul said in the March 11 post. “We are also using an atomizer spray to help sanitize public areas, including the theaters following performances.”

Paul said the city has also divided the elevators in City Hall, with one set specifically catering to guests visiting the conference center and the other set to be used by staff only.

The conference center is also deep-cleaned and sanitized following every meeting, Paul said in the post.

The city is encouraging developers and contractors to submit plans online to minimize close contact while also allowing city business to continue, Paul said. Sandy Springs is also using technology to allow meetings to occur without attending in-person at City Hall.

Paul said the Sandy Springs Performing Arts Center staff is working to create alternative dates for events already scheduled should the facility need to be closed. The performances will continue as scheduled for now and there have been no cancellations yet, Paul said.

“Our priority is protecting our citizens and our staff, while delivering city services as effectively as possible,” Paul said.

For the latest information about the new coronavirus, see the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website at

Hannah Greco

Hannah Greco is writer and media communications specialist based in Atlanta.