The city of Dunwoody is the latest local government to issue a shelter-in-place order for the coronavirus pandemic that, like others, has broad exemptions for various kinds of shopping and outdoor activity. It takes effect at midnight, March 28, and extends through April 15.

The Dunwoody order follows similar but varied orders from Gov. Brian Kemp; DeKalb County; and the cities of Atlanta and Brookhaven.

Dunwoody previously prohibited most gatherings of 10 or more people; limited restaurants to takeout, delivery and drive-thru service only; and ordered the closure of event facilities, personal grooming businesses and gyms and fitness centers. Those limits and closures are still in effect.

Under the new shelter-in-place order from Mayor Lynn Deutsch, residents must stay at home unless they are engaging in “essential activities” or government services. And regardless, they must remain at least 6 feet apart when in public. People who are homeless are exempt but “strongly urged” to find shelter.

“Essential activities” include: obtaining supplies or services necessary for health and safety for people and pets; obtaining food and household goods; outdoor activity, such as walking or jogging; working or patronizing any businesses that is allowed to remain open under previous orders; caring for a family member or pet.

The city has issued a question-and-answer document about how the order applies, which is available online here.

John Ruch is an Atlanta-based journalist. Previously, he was Managing Editor of Reporter Newspapers.