The Dunwoody City Council approved a contract to repave a portion of Dunwoody Club Drive on July 27.

The portion of the road that will be repaved is between Happy Hollow Road and the city limit, about a third of a mile in length.

Repaving that section is part of the city’s 2020 paving plan but was bidded on separately because the base of the road also needs to be strengthened, Public Works Director Michael Smith said at the meeting.

A city analysis showed the pavement is not thick enough to support the level of traffic that road gets, so a stronger base will be made by recycling the existing asphalt, Smith said, in a process called full depth reclamation.

That option will require temporary traffic detours, according to the memorandum about the contract.

The council approved the $417,000 contract to Allied Paving, which was the lowest bid out of six submissions. This contract will include similar pavement reconstruction work on Mill Glen Drive, which is a neighborhood street off of Roberts Drive, and resurfacing Ashley Trace, which is a cul-de-sac road near Happy Hollow, according to the memorandum.

“The cost is within the city’s budgeted amount for paving, and the goal is to get the project started as soon as we can to complete the work while traffic is still light and we have favorable weather,” Smith told councilmembers.